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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 21, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, and in hd, this abc7 news at noon. on your side. >> want our from impact. investigators in new york city say they filed a terror plot in time. the suspect is being held without bond, accused of targeting government buildings and troops heading home from war. we go live to our newsroom with the latest. >> new york city police say they had to act quickly. jose pimentel bought bomb making materials from home depot and was in the process of the building several bombs went police swarmed in and arrested him to those who now 27-year-old jose pimentel describe him as a
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loner. at his home, family members say pimentel slept during the day and kept to himself his neighbors say the same. other neighbors are also shocked to hear police cars, government buildings, and u.s. troops were allegedly targeted for destruction. >> pretty so real, actually. it is nice to know that he was only working alone. >> police put together this video of what pimentel is accused of trying to pull off. investigators say he tried to make pipe bombs like this one of following instructions from a well-known al qaeda publication. pimentel a u.s. citizen born in the dominican republic, had converted to islam. he was arrested over the weekend
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when he allegedly started to move forward with his plan. >> he made even as some of his like-minded friends nervous with his extremism. >> pimentel's attorney says his client does not match the profile of someone who would commit terrorism, and the case against him is not as strong as prosecutors say it is. pimentel faces five charges, including soliciting or providing support for an act of terrorism. >> we are following breaking news out of penn state. police say they have preferred another possible sex assault case to the attorney general. this reportedly took place at an outdoor swimming pool building in 2000. police will not say whether the alleged attacker was a former assistant coach jerry sandusky. the school has faced mounting criticism since announcing the investigation would be led by university trustees. today, trustees announced that
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an independent leader of their investigation would be former fbi chief louise freeh. >> we have been passed to investigate the matter fully freely and completely. we and ask with a commitment to show -- we have been asked to do this with a commitment to show no favoritism towards any of the parties we will be reviewing. >> freeh promises a thorough investigation that will look into acted dating back to the 1970's. it is now official -- the university of maryland president says he is accepting a commission's recommendation to get rid of eight athletic teams starting next june to save money. the programs that are being cut include men's cross-country, indoor and outdoor track men's and women's swimming and diving, men's tennis, a women's acrobatics tumbling, a women's water polo.
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he says that the scholarships and coaches' contracts will still be honored. on to prince george's county where police are scrambling to track down a murder suspect after a mistake to let him walk out of jail. authorities say frederick scott was let go because of a clerical error. they wanted the public's help finding him. brianne carter has the latest. >> after spending months behind bars, murder suspect frederick scott is on the loose after a mistake allowed him to walk out of jail. >> we are very concerned for public safety right now. this man is wanted for murder. >> he is accused of killing phillip watson last march. police tracked him down in las vegas, arrested him, and brought him back to maryland. just a few days ago, a clerical error permitted the 24-year-old hyattsville resident to post a $75,000 bond. however, authorities say he
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never should have been released and the mistake wasn't discovered until four days later. >> we are working with everybody involved to find out where the error occurred, but our focus right now is on finding frederick scott. >> people are trying to figure out how this could have happened to the person at they believe was responsible for their friend's death. >> out on bond? that is beyond me. it is a tragedy on top of a tragedy. >> not knowing his whereabouts police what the public's help as it did and try to continue to track down scott. >> we are counting down to turkey day, and the lead up to thanksgiving will be a wet one. adam caskey has a look at our first forecast. i hope it clears out for thanksgiving. >> it should just in time for
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thanksgiving. all signs pointed to the skies clearing out. unsettled weather pattern of moving on just in time to give our turkey. -- to devour turkey. some of us has been experiencing some light. this afternoon we will see highs in the mid-60's southwest of the metro area. otherwise come up with the most part, we will be in the 50's, especially north of town. hancock maryland, 63 degrees at reagan national. we will have to look at thanksgiving u coming up. >> weeks of scrambling and backroom deals ending in failure. the panel passed with fighting more than $1 trillion in cuts and savings is about to admit defeat. all this is sparking a tailspin
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on wall street. the dow is down -- 296 i believe it is. what happens next? >> what happens now is both parties are scrambling to turn this into a political victory for their side, and that because the super committee is about to admit failure. it could not come up with plans to reduce the national debt by tonight. the midnight hour comes tonight by which the 12-member super committee had to come up with plans to cut $1.20 trillion of debt over the next decade. the failure result in automatic cuts to the pentagon, medicare, and medicaid that will go into effect in 2013. the defense cuts come up to four ordered $54 billion -- $454 billion, would lead up to come in leon panetta's words, a
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hollow force. whether to raise taxes on the wealthy is an approach favored by democrats and opposed by republicans. but the political posturing could backfire with many fearing repercussions on both sides. a recent poll put approval for congress at 9%, and americans like this family that came from minnesota, are tired of it. >> we all looking forward to going to the capitol and seeing that mess up there. >> i heard republicans and democrats interviewed together, they were on the super committee and were shoe ray they would have it done. -- were sure they would have it done. i cannot believe it. >> we are watching the markets and the super committee scrambled all day long for the very -- and for the latest, log
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onto our website the man accused of firing an assault rifle at the white house will appear in court in d.c. this afternoon. oscar ortega-hernandez is set to appear before a federal judge at 1:45. authorities arrested were taken- hernandez last week in pennsylvania and charged him with attempted assassination. he is accused of firing at the white house november 11. nobody was hurt. police in fairfax are looking for a woman who carjacked a driver outside a nieman marcus store in tyson's corner. a young woman approached a 59- year-old woman claiming she ran out of gas needed by. once she got in, she pulled out a knife ordered the driver out, and sped away. fortunately, no one was hurt. the next segment of the intercounty connector opens tomorrow. it runs from georgia ave to i-95
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. it opens it to drivers at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. commuters will be able to use the toll road for free until december 4. after that, a trip from one end of icc to the other during rush hour will cost you $4. coming up, pepper spray fallout. the video that has been causing huge controversy at a california university. and then, a special meet and greet with santa. remember that? the marine who got his girl. all that, and adam is back
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>> security forces are clashing with thousands of protesters in egypt today the third straight day of violence. at least 24 people are dead. activists hurled stones and firebombs at police responded with tear gas. the protesters are angry with the military's delay in handing power to the civilian government. the head of the university of california system it says he is appalled by what happened at the campus of uc-davis. he is referring to be incident on friday when students belonging to the occupy movement were ordered to disperse. they did in, and were sprayed with pepper spray close range in
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the face one by one. >> i think the way they responded just shows that for that is about power not about the actual morals of their action. >> the situation was becoming a concern for us and members of the community. >> the university's chief of police has been placed on administrative leave. what do you think? do you think the police should be allowed to use pepper spray on occupy protesters? join the conversation on our facebook page. we will have the results at 5:00. weeks of anti-wall street protests are sparking a backlash c. residents in oregon gathered for an unoccupy counter protest.
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they call themselves the 98.999%. actress mila kunis kept her promise and danced the night away at a marine corps ball. she accompanied the marine to a birthday gala in north carolina. he asked her to be his date in a youtube video. a week before, justin timberlake made good on his promise to take a marine to a b all in richmond. >> imagine if we had youtube years ago. you asked marilyn monroe . >> i want to ask about thanksgiving. a lot of people are hitting the road and it is bad enough. >> wednesday we will have rain from the mid-atlantic to the eastern seaboard.
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but improvements by thanksgiving, that is the key. if you are waking up early on thanksgiving, or even late on wednesday you'll be okay especially traveling by car. here is the time lapse did notice a few little peaks of sunshine here and there. that is about all we have experienced so far today, and not even that in rockville. look at how this thickens throughout the morning. 55 degrees in rockville. pretty light out of the north because of the cold front. one little sprinkle is moving into hancock, maryland. one little sprinkle as that troubles eastward. that is really all we have to talk about with rain. a little more in an often on throughout the day tomorrow. 63 in manassas.
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51 in hagerstown. you see the temperature difference. some of this action is going to continue to develop and push our way. we already saw a resurgence of cloud cover out there, where you had at sunshine and clouds have come back in. oklahoma arkansas, and texas area, all the way into tomorrow. this will continue to move our way along the frontal boundary and give us areas of rain today and tomorrow. behind the cold front associated with that, we will clear out wednesday night and set the stage for a sunny but breezy thanksgiving. mostly cloudy tonight, a few scattered showers. all the way to tomorrow and the first half of wednesday. we could see another inch of rain tomorrow. not in all locations.
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but a little more on top of that into wednesday. clearing out in time for thanksgiving. it will be a little breezy out there, however. >> just keep it above freezing, that is all i care about. this morning santa met local children who would normally not get the chance. this unique experience is designed with children for autism and other sensory processing disorders. >> we get the other stores to turn down the music and we turn off the lights and we have a much, much more low-key day for the children that are coming. >> ah, sounds great. there were no lines or other distractions, and the children were given sheets while they waited for santa.
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families and woodbridge are getting holiday help from their neighbors. charities and community groups have organized a thanksgiving dinner from a mobile home park. the dinner is scheduled for 6:00 tomorrow night at the harbor defense center on -- events center on marina way. to accommodate thanksgiving travelers, metro plans to run extra buses en route to local airports. writers will see more buses on the 5a route to dulles and en route to b.w.i. thurgood marshall airport. get ready for the madness. how many of you plan to hit stores on black friday and even earlier? and it is sure to be taylor. >> next "anderson," a family at
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the breaking point over money. >> it was not a gift. >> what will it take to solve their crisis? plus is it time for your adult kids to grow up and move out?
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>> 7 is on your side with the good news in the fight against aids.
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the united nations says the epidemic is leveling off, and the number of people newly infected with the hiv virus worldwide has remained unchanged since 2007. there were 2.7 million new hiv infections last year. 34 million people were hiv- positive at the end of 2010. that is a slight rise from previous years. experts say it is because people are surviving longer. critics call the report overly optimistic since there is still no vaccine for aids and millions remained untraded. we are getting a preview of americans' spending plans this holiday season to 152 million americans are expected to go shopping this black friday. that is up from 10% -- that is up 10% from last year, and some stores are opening on thanksgiving day to lure customers. for a list of the stores and
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their hours, log onto it was a very special night for one young superstar. >> taylor swift. >> taylor swift 13 trophies at last night's american music awards, including artist of the year. rapper nicky minaj was another big winner taking home two
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>> here is another look at the forecast. it rained tonight, tomorrow, off and on for the first half of wednesday. coming off in time to munch on the turkey -- all the pie as well. pitiful on thursday into the weekend. -- beautiful on thursday into the weekend. >> that does look good. we will see you back here for "good morning
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